4 Energy

The world's first blockchain network
based on green energy production

The green energy revolution

Blockchain powered by: PV, wind, water, battery…
built for a clean and better future of our planet.

Only green energy
will be accepted by the blockchain.

Our network as a global ecosystem connects energy aggregators with each other, their customers and green energy virtual producers.

The dedicated IoT/AI solution will identify the source of the energy origin.


C4E token rewards: - for securing the network - for green energy producers - for COSMOS community

Energy Integration

Green Energy Integration Toolkit for energy management and secure agreements (B2C & B2B). CRM, billing platform, e-invoicing.

Fundraising platform

LaunchPAD for wind farms, photovoltaic farms, storage, hydrogen electrolyzers

Electromobility management

Run your electric car with green energy

Energy community

Energy efficiency services: distribution, aggregation, storage, energy balancing

Guarantee of origin

Driven by AI that harmonizes sources, delivering curated datasets

Blockchain based on green energy production

Chain4Energy connects, proofs and rewards users of the green energy market. By using our blockchain network, green energy producers and consumers will be rewarded.

Chain4Energy presents a new value that results from the combination of modern technologies with the world of green energy. Our goal is to promote green energy, encourage to reduce CO2 by producing green energy and make the world cleaner and more natural.

Our product makes renewable energy even more accessible to everyone.


users in range*


climate positive


green energy

* based on the number of customers of our partners.

The strong business approach creates value for the solution. Chain4energy creates 3 types of tokens:

  • Value token

  • NFT token

  • Utility token

Possibilities of using tokens:

  • Energy purchase
  • Charging electric cars
  • Energy investment
  • Token exchange trading
  • Staking & LP farming
  • Lending & borrowing
  • Energy wallet
  • Energy DEX
  • NFT
  • Marketplace

Chain4energy roadmap

2019 - 2021

  • Technological partner of a wholesale roaming project based on blockchain (concept, design, implementation)
  • Volume tracking PoC with two European mobile operators.
  • MVP of cross telco group contract management, usage tracking and settlement.

Q3 2021

  • Continuation of the blockchain roaming project
  • Energy market research
  • Chain4Energy project launched
  • Seed-round partners signed

Q4 2021

  • Expanding the business and technical team
  • Chain4Energy inauguration in Dubai
  • Creating business models for the green energy market
  • White paper
  • Private round

Q1 2022

  • Short term MVP (The first real showcase of the green energy market based on blockchain)
  • Connecting green energy sources (photovoltaic, wind, PV farm) to blockchain networks
  • Chain4energy IDO

Q2 2022

  • Measurement (production, consumption and storage) of renewable energy
  • Automation of data collection processes
  • Digital agreements
  • Automation of settlements and disputes
  • Post IDO staking & farming

Q2 2022 - Q2 2023

  • Tokenization of energy production
  • Possibilities of creating energy communities
  • Virtual Prosumers
  • New business models for the green energy market
  • Staking & Farming 2.0
  • Launching green energy crowdfunding platform (launchPAD)
  • Green energy NFT

Q3 2023 + Global market expansion

  • Energy wallet
  • Lending & borrowing
  • Energy DEX
  • Smart home energy balancing
  • Native blockchain development
  • Validators ecosystem
  • Mainnet launch
  • Migration of tokens to the native network


our mission

Chain for energy promotes green energy and inspires to reduce Co2 through green energy production and consumption. Our product makes renewable energy even more accessible to everyone.

Dominik Skrobacz was always fascinated by the combination of business and technology. He is a software development engineer with twenty years of experience. For ten years, as CEO, he has been managing the leading software company OVOO, which builds sophisticated systems for telco and banks in Poland and abroad. For three years he has been involved in the implementation of blockchain projects in the contract/rating/billing/settlement space.

Dominik Skrobacz


Software developer and software architect with over 16 years of experience. Co-founder and CTO of OVOO - leading software company which provides solutions for the telecommunications and banking industries.

Paweł Borecki


Blockchain Enthusiast with strong TELCO expert background. I had many hats during my 20 years of professional life. Mixing Business Development, pre-sales, Telecom Expert and Project Manager knowhow and delivering best values during my career in T-Mobile, Telestax and OVOO. I was handling local but also international projects traveling over the world. During the last 4 years continuously exploring and extending focus on blockchain and crypto space.

Grzegorz Sikora

CIO, Blockchain Expert

As Head of Marketing Adam is responsible for our global relationship management, market penetration and communications strategy. The majority of his professional career Adam worked for the biggest European telecommunication operators where he gained massive experience in marketing and product development. He is a big enthusiast of the green revolution and innovative solutions based on blockchain technology.

Adam Kruszewski

Head of Marketing

Certificated and experienced Project Manager. Successfully completed various Telco and IT projects. New technology enthusiast. Focused on getting things done for our Customers.

Dariusz Chudzik

Project Manager

Łukasz is a programmer with 15 years of experience. For several years he has also been working as an architect and analyst. Currently, he focuses mainly on blockchain platforms. He is constantly looking for the possibility of combining various technologies in order to create unique value added services, e.g. for smart cities.

Łukasz Dudziński

Software Engineer, Blockchain Expert

Software engineer with 5 years of experience in applications development using Java and Golang. Certified Kubernetes administrator with strong knowledge about CNF and automatization technologies. Blockchain enthusiast with experience in developing and deploying blockchain infrastructure.

Adam Skimina

Software Engineer

Paweł Kulpa has more than 5 years experience in the IT industry, mainly in Java, Go ecosystem and cloud solution. Specialist interested in simplifying life with a solid systems automation background. Blockchain developer for 2 year. Crypto investor since 2015.

Paweł Kulpa

Software Engineer

Tomasz Skrzek has been working as a software developer for over three years. Technologies he works with on a daily basis are: Vue.js, Java and Golang. Solutions that I was working on are currently used by the largest telecommunications companies in Europe and in the world. Apart from work and studies, my hobby is writing games and new Technologies.

Tomasz Skrzek

Software Engineer

Senior software developer with 12 years of experience in various Java and Golang projects also based on blockchain technology. He has extensive knowledge in software development and strong analytics skills.

Krzysztof Woliński

Software Engineer

Jan is a Senior Software Engineer with 17 years of experience in various Java projects in the IT / Telco field. For several years he has been working as an analyst and architect of value-added solutions for the largest telco operators in the world. For two years, as a Golang developer he has been involved in projects based on Blockchain technology. Apart from work, Janek's hobbies are ski touring, rock climbing and sailing.

Jan Łukasik

Software Engineer

Piotr Hnacik has been active in the IT, Telco and fintech market for 20 years as a founder and investor. He is an experienced team leader with key soft skills and deep technical knowledge. He has been active on the blockchain market for 3 years.

Piotr Hnacik


Maciej Sołtysik (PhD) is an expert in the field of electric power engineering. He has over 20 years of professional experience in trading companies as well as distribution and transmission companies. He is a researcher at the Częstochowa University of Technology.

Maciej Sołtysik

Energy Advisor

Our partners

OVOO is a European software development company providing custom development for enterprises since 2012. Ovoo has been developing blockchain technology for 3 years participating in projects with the largest telco operator groups in the world.
The leading, international provider of smart home systems, the market leader in Poland, the Laureate of Deloitte Fast 50 CE 2020. Grenton currently operates on 27 markets on 4 continents.
A leading distributor and manufacturer of complete PV installations in Europe.
The leading agregator of content in digital formats. Works with more than 700 music labels and artists mainly from Poland, Italy, Germany, and the US. Provides music directly to iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google, Pandora, Tidal, Deezer, and many others all over the world.
PRT SMART helps to develop, implement and learn about new technologies, incl. through: consulting, design, training and implementation of innovative technical solutions. It supports the execution and implementation of projects.
Skey Network - the future of IoT technology Skey Network is the only connector that combines the Internet of Things devices with Blockchain technology, creating the Blockchain of Things. is "The Documents Blockchain" that allows companies to create identities, sign and exchange business documents among its participants.